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Bathtub Guru offers a variety of time saving solutions and some amazing products mentioned below

Bathtub Refinishing Services

  • Bathtub reglazing, tub resurfacing, bathtub repairs

  • Bathtub stripping and refinishing

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Bathtub Repair Services

Bathtub Refinishing Full Render

  • Repair Damages such as chips, cracks, hair line crack, holes, scratches etc.

  • We can repair a wide variety of bathtub, sink, vanity and countertop materials such as acrylics, cast iron, and marble stone

  • We use special tools, techniques, adhesives, fillers and coatings for each individual repair depending on the bathtub

  • We also use our artistic skills to help match the unit with our products

Other Bathtub Services

  • Bathtub conversion to walk in shower

  • Special gripers and corner shelves

  • Acrylic tiles installation with different colors and textures

  • Bathtub professional culking and polish

  • Antique bathtub,Claw foot and cast iron tub repairs & refinishing

Tiling and Flooring Services

  • Tiles grouting,steam cleaning,caulking and sealing 

  • Tiles re-finishing with different textures

  • Hardwood floors cleaning,waxing and sealing

  • Grouting and sealing of wall tiles and floor tiles 

Kitchen and Outdoor Services

  • Antique sinks re-finishing, grout cleaning and sealing

  • Cabinet spray painting, Ketchen cabinet refinishing

  • Garage door paintin, spray painting                                                                                                                                                                        


Our Service Areas

We serve all the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and Surrounding Areas 

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We refinish all kind of Bathtubs,Tiles,kitchen Cabinets,We Repair Chips and Cracks.
WE Service all the GTA areas 

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