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Hardwood Floors

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Hardwood floors maintenance at Bathtub Guru 

To enhance the shine and new-like appearance of your wood floor, there is nothing like a thorough wax and polish. The process includes removing of all dirt residues of old wax and grease oils etc . Waxing is a good way to prevent wood damages such as moisture and scratching. At Bathtub Guru we use leading waxes with a long lasting effect. We bring your floors back to life by giving it the the shine that your floors used to have .

Hardwood cleaning and waxing process

  • Pre-vacuum floors
  • Move furniture
  • Clean and mop to remove dirt and dust
  • Gently buff,wax and polish wood floors to rejuvenate back to their original luster
  • Move back the furniture into room
  • fully dried 2 to 3 hours


In addition of professional hardwood floor waxing, we provide re-grouting of bathroom and ketchen tiles,grout cleaning,steam cleaning,bathroom sanitization.


We refinish all kind of Bathtubs,Tiles,kitchen Cabinets,We Repair Chips and Cracks.
WE Service all the GTA areas 

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