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Fiber glass and Acrylics Polishing

Bathtub Guru can repair and polish small chips, cracks, dents, scuffs, rough spots, scratched surfaces, stained and rusted areas in your bathtubs, hot tubs, boats and other appliances made from fiber glass or acrylic. We use the best industerial grade compounds, our own technics and years of experience to bring back the shine your units uesed to have.we give lifetime warranty for our repair work, and affordable maintenance Fees for yearly and monthly polishing&waxing services.



hot tub repair and polish                                    hot tub polishing                                            

Bathtub Inlay

Bathtub Inlay is a peice of acrylic sheet which comes in deferent sizes, it can be installed on floor of the tub to prevent small cracks from spreading,which can cause water damages to your property.

Inlays are a great economical repair kit for cracked bathtub floor/base,which will save you a lot of money compared to bathtub replacement.

the installation process takes about 2/3 hours and the curing time is 48 hours.

the product comes with lifetime warranty in USA,we can provide a 2 years warranty for the installation and workmanship on behalf of our company.

Bathtub Inlay 001 by Bathtub Guru



Bathtub chip or crack repair

bathtub chip repair


Bathtub Guru can repair Chipped, Cracked and Scratched Bathtubs of all kind like Merolin, Feda, American standard etc.. like factory finish,if a Contractors or Installer accidentally damages a bathtub during Installations we can help restore the unit and prevent all the extra costs and work .

100% color match



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We refinish all kind of Bathtubs,Tiles,kitchen Cabinets,We Repair Chips and Cracks.
WE Service all the GTA areas 

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