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Taking Care of a Refinished Bathtub

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As bathtubs get older, they start to show their age. This often means the paint will become worn and chipped, giving the tub a less than pleasant appearance. This is why bathtubs are often reglazed, giving them new life and a fresh look that will last. However, there are special measures that need to be taken if you want to properly care for a refinished bathtub and keep it looking its best.

Why the Special Care?

When reglazing a bathtub, reglazing paint is sprayed on the surface of a tub, rather than baked on. This means that reglazed bathtubs vary in quality depending on the bathtub reglazing paint that was used, and special attention must be paid to the quality of the new paint when shopping for cleaning agents. Do not use bleach or products containing bleach as they are likely to yellow the tub and can even cause peeling to occur. Also, avoid using abrasive or strong cleaning products, cleansers, pads, or scrubbing sponges; these products can easily damage the reglazed finish.

Get Cleaning!

With the harmful and damaging cleaning products out of the way, let’s talk about the proper way to start cleaning and caring for your reglazed bathtub. The good news is that refinished bathtubs are all usually cleaned in the same general way. Use a wet cotton cloth and a mild liquid soap, such as dish soap or a general purpose cleaner, and start scrubbing! Using a cotton cloth as opposed to a scrubbing sponge is going to give you a better clean without the risk of damaging the finish. Once you’ve scrubbed down your tub, rinse the soap away and give it time to dry. After you’re finished, you’ll see a clean and glossy finish that your guests are sure to think belongs to a brand new bathtub!

Keeping your Tub in Tip-top Shape

Sure, cleaning your reglazed bathtub is going to make it look beautiful for a time, but what else can be done to keep it looking great in the long run?

  • Clean your bathtub regularly; the more regularly you clean your refinished tub, the longer it will look new and beautiful. You should aim to clean your tub at least once a week to keep it looking its best. Make sure you always have the proper cleaning products on hand so as not to fall behind and let your tub get dirty.
  • Avoid resting bottles, toys, bars of soap, or wet towels on your tub. Doing this can easily damage the finish.
  • Don’t bathe your pets in your reglazed tub, as their claws can be sharp and can rip off the glaze. Stick to the sink or outdoor hose when bathing your pets.
  • Try not to use mats or stick-on-strips in your reglazed bathtub. This is just another way your tub’s glaze can be easily ripped off.

Follow these tips and you’re sure to enjoy a beautiful reglazed bathtub in your home for years to come!


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